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Swimming during your period: Tips and Tricks for Teenagers

by HwangAlex 20 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Swimming during your period:


Tips and Tricks for Teenagers


Rest assured, you can enjoy beach season even while on your period without worrying about leaving a blood trail in the water. Here's a guide on how to handle your period during summer and make the most of your beach time.

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Whether they're in swimming lessons, preparing for sleep-away camp, going on vacation, or simply heading to the beach, they might have concerns about swimming on their period. They may pack numerous period products and wear extra shorts, but still feel hesitant to swim due to the fear of leakage and discomfort. Does this sound familiar?

Well, here's the good news: It doesn't have to be that way! At Beautikini, we have designed period swimwear specifically for teens, ensuring they can confidently dip, dive, and swim comfortably, even while menstruating. If you have some questions, don't worry. We have compiled some frequently asked questions about swimming on your period in Beautikini swimwear. Keep reading to find the answers you need!

Swimming pools, meet menstrual flow

Don't let your period stop you from enjoying a swim in the pool! We understand that swimming during your period can initially feel a bit nerve-racking, especially for teens who are new to menstruation. But rest assured, there are several ways they can prepare and protect themselves from leaks, allowing them to fully enjoy their time by the pool without any stress.

Beautikini's period swimwear is the perfect solution to help your teen feel comfortable and confident while swimming. Our swimwear is specially designed with leak-proof technology that effectively traps menstrual flow inside the liner, keeping pool water out. Available in a variety of styles, including one-piece and bikini options, our swimwear can absorb approximately 3 tampons' worth of blood, providing reliable protection throughout their swim.

Beautikini swim is not only a fantastic option for standalone protection but also serves as excellent backup when your teen chooses to wear a tampon or menstrual cup. If they feel comfortable using tampons or menstrual cups and want to give them a try, we have helpful guides available to assist them in using these products effectively.

Additionally, it's always a good idea to pack some period underwear to wear to and from the pool. With leak-proof protection, your teen can feel confident and worry-free throughout their day, seamlessly prepared for any situation that may arise.

Q: Will my period blood attract sharks?

A: Swimming during your period is completely safe as long as you use appropriate protection. It's important to understand that menstrual blood is not just pure blood, but a combination of blood, vaginal fluid, and cells from the uterus lining. While sharks have a keen sense of smell and can detect blood, they can also sense other bodily fluids like urine.

It's worth noting that in the vast ocean, there are many natural scents and secretions from marine life that sharks are accustomed to detecting. Shark attacks on humans are rare and often occur when sharks feel threatened rather than when they are in search of food.

By wearing proper period protection while swimming, you pose no more risk than swimming at any other time. As an additional safety measure, always swim near a lifeguard and with a buddy for added peace of mind.

Q: Will I leave a trail of blood in the water?

A: Absolutely not! As long as you have proper protection, there will be no visible signs of your period in the water. With the right menstrual products, such as tampons or period swimwear like Beautikini swim, you can swim with confidence knowing that you won't leave a trail behind. Remember to change your tampons regularly, at least every six hours, for optimal protection.

Q: Will the water pressure make my period cramps worse?

A: It's normal to have concerns about period cramps while swimming, but the water pressure should not make them worse. In fact, exercise, including swimming, can release endorphins, which are natural painkillers. Engaging in physical activity like swimming during your period can actually help alleviate menstrual cramps and improve your mood. However, it's important to listen to your body and do what feels comfortable for you. If you don't feel like swimming or your cramps are particularly severe, it's perfectly fine to take a break and rest. Remember, you know your body best.

Tell me more about Beautikini's swimwear Sure thing! Let's break down some FAQs:

What sets Beautikini swimwear apart from regular period underwear?

Beautikini has dedicated years of research and development to perfecting our period underwear, and that expertise extends to our period swimwear for teens. Our swimwear is designed to provide the same level of protection as our regular period underwear, but with the added advantage of being suitable for swimming. We offer a range of styles, including bikinis and one-pieces, in various coverage options, ensuring your teen can find a swimsuit that suits their preferences.

The key difference lies in the discreet liner incorporated into the swimwear. This liner is made from super absorbent material and can absorb approximately 3 teaspoons of liquid, equivalent to about 3 regular tampons or pads. This means your teen can swim with confidence, knowing that any menstrual flow will be absorbed and contained within the liner.

Plus, our swimwear provides an additional benefit of +50 UPF protection. This means the fabric helps safeguard your teen's skin from harmful UV radiation, providing an extra layer of sun protection while they enjoy their time in the water or lounging by the pool.

But how does Beautikini swimwear actually work?

The gusset of the swimwear contains layers that are specifically designed to trap and absorb period blood, preventing any leaks in the water or on land. It utilizes the same absorbent technology as our regular underwear, but with the addition of an extra thin layer of waterproof material for enhanced protection during swimming. This layered technology is carefully crafted to keep the blood in while keeping pool or sea water out of the lining.

How does Beautikini swimwear effectively clean in the washing machine?

The inner layers of the swimwear absorb and trap the period blood, ensuring there is no leakage during use. When the swimwear is washed with detergent, the blood is released through the top layer, leaving it fresh and clean for the next swim. It's important to note that bleach and fabric softeners should not be used, and it is recommended to lay the swimwear flat to dry.

I've heard that period flow stops in water, is that true?

While it may seem like the period flow stops while swimming, it's actually not the case. The water pressure experienced while swimming can result in a reduction of flow, giving the impression that the period has stopped. However, the period is still occurring, but the flow is not exiting the body at the same rate. Beautikini's period swimwear is designed to capture these small leaks, providing comfort and confidence while swimming, even during your period.

When should your teen wear Beautikini's period swimwear?

If your teen has a medium to light flow or is towards the end of their period, they can wear Beautikini swimwear on its own. For those with a heavier flow who still want to swim, they can wear a tampon or menstrual cup as primary protection and use our swimwear as backup. Our period swimwear will catch any possible leaks, especially during activities involving going in and out of the water. Every person's period is unique, so you and your teen know their flow best.

PS:If your teen loves the swimwear, they can even wear it when they're not on their period! The suits look and feel just like regular swimwear.

Where can your teen wear Beautikini's period swimwear?

Anywhere! They can wear it in lakes, at the beach, in the pool, while running through sprinklers, or simply enjoying the sun in the backyard. Whether it's a freshwater swim or a relaxing dip in a hot tub, the swimwear is comfortable and leak-proof in both water and on land.

Are they easy to care for?

Absolutely! Beautikini swimwear is not only resistant to chlorine and seawater but also offers 50+ UPF protection. This means your teen can confidently swim on their period in any body of water. Just remind them to apply sunscreen and they're ready to dive into their favorite Beautikini swimwear!

How can you find the right size for your teen?

Sizing charts are available on each product page, but if you're unsure or need assistance, you can book a free virtual fit appointment with one of our experts. They will ensure your teen gets the perfect size, making them completely vacation-ready.

With a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns available, don't hesitate to explore our entire collection of period swimwear!

So, can you swim on your period?

At Beautikini, we firmly believe the answer is a resounding yes! However, if your teen prefers not to, that's completely okay too.