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Period-Proof Swimwear is Revolutionary—Here's Everything You Need to Know

by HwangAlex 16 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Period-Proof Swimwear is


Revolutionary—Here's Everything


You Need to Know

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We've all scoffed at tampon ads that portray women confidently riding horses or casually wearing white pants, but one thing they got right is that your period shouldn't hold you back from doing (or wearing) whatever you desire.

As summer approaches, we're debunking the biggest myths surrounding swimming during your period and introducing you to Period Swimwear.

Fact or Fiction:

From old tales of period blood attracting sea creatures to concerns about hygiene, there seems to be an air of mystery surrounding swimming on your period.

These misconceptions have kept menstruating individuals away from the water for years, but there is no evidence to support the notion that swimming while on your period will cause infections or attract sharks.

In case you're wondering whether you need additional protection, it's not a bad idea since your period doesn't actually stop in the water. The water pressure reduces the flow, creating the illusion of it stopping. Once you're out of the water, your flow will resume.

But don't let that discourage you from cannonballing into the pool! Swimming during your period isn't much different from managing it on a regular day, and you have various period protection options available, from tampons to menstrual cups and Period Swimwear.

With or without these period defenses, you don't need to worry about leaving a bloody trail in the water. Even heavy flows and leaks will be diluted.

Leakproof Swim:

You're on vacation or at the beach when a nagging thought crosses your mind: What if I get my period? Panic sets in, and you start preparing.

Extra tampons are packed, and emergency swim trunks are secretly stashed in your beach bag. And despite the scorching weather, you suspiciously claim, "You know what? I don't feel like swimming today..."

Those days are now a thing of the past, thanks to the advent of Period Swimwear. Whether you're looking for a sexy one-piece, sculpted high-rise bottoms, a vintage bombshell style, or classic bikini bottoms, these swimsuits can absorb up to three teaspoons of liquid (equivalent to three regular tampons).

And no, they don't resemble or feel like a soggy diaper. In fact, the absorbent liners are so discreet that these swimsuits are just as comfortable and flattering as the rest of our Swim collection.

How Does it Work?

The layers in the gusset of these swimsuits work to trap and absorb your period, preventing leaks in water or while you're lounging poolside. They feature the same absorbent technology as our Period Underwear, but with an additional outer layer of waterproof material for extra protection.

They're perfect for light to medium flows or as backup on heavier days of your cycle. Worried about being in and out of the water? We've got you covered, as our Period Swimwear is designed to catch any unexpected leaks.

The absorbent pad is so discreet that you can even wear them when you're not on your period. While the inner layers trap your period to prevent leakage, washing them is no hassle.

When you toss them in the washing machine, everything will be released through the top layer, leaving your swimsuit fresh and clean for your next swim. Just remember not to use bleach or fabric softener and lay them flat to dry.

Launching our most extensive and size-inclusive Swim collection ever means there's a swimsuit for every body — it's just a matter of finding your perfect fit.

Browse our favorite styles or find your own. Summer is too short to let your period keep you from enjoying the beach. See you there, besties!