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Swimming and Sanitary Pads: Is it Possible to Wear Them Together?

by HwangAlex 12 May 2023 0 Comments

Swimming during your period is absolutely possible, but wearing a sanitary pad may not be the most suitable option. The experts at Beautikini have delved into the topic and shared their insights on the best period protection for swimming. Find out the recommended solutions to ensure a worry-free swimming experience while on your period.

Swimming During Menstruation: Is It Possible?

Swimming on your period is completely possible and can even have several benefits for your physical and mental well-being. It's true that swimming can help alleviate period cramps due to the release of endorphins, which can be more effective than painkillers. This is supported by scientific studies and anecdotal evidence.

In addition to the physical benefits, swimming during your period can also have a positive impact on your mental well-being. The release of endorphins during exercise can help relax and calm the mind, boost serotonin levels, and improve self-esteem and body confidence. Moreover, swimming can be a mindful activity, allowing you to focus solely on breathing and movement while being gently supported by the water. This sense of solitude and connection with the water can create a spiritual experience for many individuals.

So, don't let your period hold you back from enjoying a swim. Embrace the benefits and dive into the water with confidence and peace of mind.

Can you go swimming while wearing a disposable sanitary pad? The answer is a definite no. But why?

Disposable pads are predominantly made of plastic, with added materials like rayon, synthetic compounds, and potentially non-organic cotton. These pads are designed to absorb menstrual flow, which means they will also absorb any liquid they come into contact with, including water. As a result, if you swim with a sanitary pad, it will quickly fill with water, leaving you with a soggy mess and no absorbency left for your period flow.

Moreover, the water will make the adhesive on the back of the disposable pad ineffective, increasing the likelihood of embarrassing situations where the pad may shift or fall out of place. Clearly, this is not an ideal scenario.

Swimming on Your Period: Can You Use a Reusable Pad?

Swimming with a reusable pad is not officially recommended, but it is less problematic compared to swimming with a disposable pad. Like disposable pads, reusable pads will absorb water when you swim. However, the difference is that reusable pads are held in place with poppers to prevent them from shifting. This means that they will stay in place even when they absorb water while swimming. However, they will absorb a significant amount of water and may be less efficient in absorbing your menstrual flow.

However, if you prefer extra protection during swimming, you can consider using Beautikini period swimwear. The Beautikini period swimsuit and swim bikini bottoms are specifically designed to absorb light to medium flow. They have a water-repellent outer fabric to provide a regular swimwear feel and an ultra-absorbent liner that remains separate from the water while swimming. While it is technically possible to use a reusable pad along with the period swimwear for additional protection, it is generally unnecessary. The Beautikini swimsuit alone can hold up to 15ml of blood, which is sufficient for most light to medium flows. Adding an extra layer with a pad may increase bulkiness and is typically not required.

In summary, while swimming with a reusable pad is possible but not officially recommended, using Beautikini period swimwear alone should provide adequate protection for most light to medium flows without the need for additional pads.

Swimming on Your Period: Exploring Reusable Period Swimwear

Getting Started with Reusable Period Swimwear: Find Your Perfect Fit

If you're unsure about how to begin with reusable period swimwear, we have options to suit your needs. Our swimsuit is ideal for light to medium flow days, providing protection equivalent to two tampons' worth of blood. It's designed to catch leaks or spotting towards the end of your period. With a water-repellent outer layer, UV50+ protection, and improved elasticity, you'll feel supported and comfortable while swimming on your period.

For lighter flow days or light spotting and leaks, our reusable swim bikini briefs are made from recycled nylon. They can absorb up to 10ml of blood, equivalent to two small tampons. The water-repellent outer fabric ensures that the absorbent gusset remains separate from the pool or sea while you swim. You can choose to wear the bikini bottoms underneath your regular swimsuit or wear them alone for added convenience.

How Beautikini Period Swimwear Works: Stay Comfortable and Leak-Free

The innovative design of Beautikini period swimwear ensures reliable protection and comfort while swimming on your period. The swimwear features an aquaphobic fabric that repels water, preventing it from passing through. This means that the absorbent layer inside only needs to focus on period blood since no other liquids can penetrate the swimwear. The gusset of the costume or bikini bottoms effectively absorbs your period flow, while the outer waterproof fabric acts as a barrier, preventing any other liquids from entering.

With this advanced technology, there's no need to double up with a reusable pad. Beautikini swimwear is designed to be waterproof on the outside and leak-proof on the inside, providing you with complete coverage. Customers have found it comfortable and reliable during various swimming activities, from front crawl to breaststroke, experiencing a leak-free and enjoyable session.Beautikini period swimwear empowers you to live life to the fullest, whether on land or in the water. It offers a great alternative for those who want to swim during their period without relying on tampons. While reusable pads have their place and can be used for swimming, they aren't necessary if you time your swim right and understand your flow.

If you're considering reusable period swimwear, take a look at what our customers have to say:

"EVERYONE NEEDS THIS. I love a wild sea swim and actually wore this during our annual New Year’s Day swim but I was on my period for. I finally felt relaxed about the idea of swimming while on my period. The swimsuit is super comfortable and flattering, would highly recommend!"

"Amazing product! Went on my holiday fearing about how to manage my period around the pool and beach. Bought these swim bikini briefs so I could still enjoy swimming, sunbathing and was really glad that they did work. They really are a really amazing product, they hide well under normal swimming bikini bottoms, are comfortable, and you don't get too hot wearing these. I wore these in 37-degree weather and kept cool. They are easy to wash in cold water with laundry detergent and hang up to air dry after use. Well done Beautikini for making my holiday easier!"