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Can i just put a pad in my swimsuit and go swimming?

by HwangAlex 20 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Can i just put a pad in my swimsuit


and go swimming

Swimming with a sanitary pad in your swimsuit is generally not recommended due to potential discomfort, leakage, and inadequate protection. However, special menstrual swimwear is available for those who want to swim during their period. These swimsuits feature waterproof layers and built-in blood-absorbing materials, providing better comfort and protection. Beautikini offers a period swimwear collection that combines fashion, comfort, and functionality. It uses advanced waterproof materials and thoughtful designs to keep you dry and prevent water and menstrual blood from seeping through. The collection caters to various styles and preferences. Remember to choose a properly fitting swimsuit, have spare menstrual products, change them promptly, adjust swimming intensity, and prioritize personal comfort and hygiene. Beautikini encourages women to stay active and confident during their menstrual cycle.

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If you have placed a sanitary pad in your swimsuit, it is generally not recommended to go swimming. The pad may absorb water and expand in the water, causing discomfort or even leakage. Additionally, the pad may not provide sufficient protection to prevent menstrual blood from entering the water.

Consider Specialized Menstrual Swimwear

However, if you wish to swim during your menstrual period, you can consider using specially designed menstrual swimwear. This type of swimwear typically has a waterproof layer and built-in blood-absorbing materials, providing better protection and safety. Such swimwear can offer greater freedom of movement and comfort during your period.

Beautikini's Period Swimwear Collection

As a representative of Beautikini, we recommend our period swimwear collection. These swimsuits are made with special materials and designs to meet the needs of women during their menstrual periods. Our period swimwear not only focuses on fashionable designs but also emphasizes comfort and protection, allowing you to feel confident and at ease in the pool or at the beach.

Features and Benefits of Beautikini's Period Swimwear

Our period swimwear uses advanced waterproof materials to ensure that the garments stay dry and effectively prevent water and menstrual blood from permeating through. The built-in blood-absorbing layer quickly absorbs and locks in menstrual blood, keeping the interior dry and comfortable. Our designs also take into account women's body contours and athletic needs, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

Fashion and Personalization

In addition to providing protection and comfort, our period swimwear also pays great attention to fashion and personalization. We offer a variety of styles and pattern choices, allowing you to showcase your personal style and feel the beauty and confidence of the swimsuit. Whether you prefer classic one-piece swimsuits, sexy bikinis, or sporty swimwear, our period swimwear collection can meet your needs.

Tips for Swimming with Period Swimwear

  1. Choosing the Right Size: Select a properly sized swimsuit for comfort and snugness, which provides better protection and freedom of movement.
  2. Preparation: Have spare sanitary pads or other menstrual products in advance in case of need for replacement, ensuring prompt handling.
  3. Hygiene Management: Change sanitary pads or other menstrual products before and after swimming to maintain personal hygiene.
  4. Adjusting Swimming Intensity: Adapt the intensity and duration of swimming based on your own condition, avoiding excessive fatigue. Choose more relaxed swimming activities and avoid overly strenuous exercises.
  5. Body Sensations and Seeking Medical Advice: Pay attention to your body's sensations at all times. If you experience discomfort or abnormal conditions, stop swimming and consult a doctor for advice.

We encourage women to stay active and engage in exercise during their menstrual periods, including swimming. The Beautikini period swimwear collection aims to help women maintain vitality and confidence, enjoying every moment of life.