Beautikini Mid Waist Swim Skirt Period Swimwear
Beautikini Mid Waist Swim Skirt Period Swimwear
Beautikini Mid Waist Swim Skirt Period Swimwear
Beautikini Mid Waist Swim Skirt Period Swimwear
Beautikini Mid Waist Swim Skirt Period Swimwear
Beautikini Mid Waist Swim Skirt Period Swimwear
Beautikini Mid Waist Swim Skirt Period Swimwear

Beautikini Mid Waist Swim Skirt Period Swimwear

Material: Period swim bottoms made with breathable quick-drying and leak-proof gussets to absorb and retain leaks. Menstrual...
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Absorption: super
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Color: Black
Size: M
Subtotal: $31.00
Beautikini Mid Waist Swim Skirt Period Swimwear

Beautikini Mid Waist Swim Skirt Period Swimwear

$54.00 $31.00

Beautikini Mid Waist Swim Skirt Period Swimwear

$54.00 $31.00
Color: Black
Size: M

    High Absorbent&Leak-Proof: Period swimwear skirt features built-in leak proof lining.4-layer design to prevent side leakage and rear leakage.Highly absorbent lining,can hold up to 3 tampons,when menstruation is heavy,disposable products can be used for extra protection.

    Quick-Drying:Women's period swimwear are made of soft odor-eliminating lining,breathable,comfortable,durable,fast-drying,and will not feel wet or bulky.

    High Waist&Splits: Menstrual swimwear features high waist design,good tummy control effect. The side slit design makes you more charming on the beach.The swimming trunks combine built-in leak proof lining and elegant skirt hem to create a fashionable appearance.

    Period Swim Bottom: It looks and feels like a regular swim skirt. It can be paired with vests, bikini tops, sports tops, and swimming bras. It is a perfect combination of summer swimming, water sports, beaches, parties, and vacations.

    Hand Wash Only.

    85%Polyamide/Nylon, 15%Spandex/Elastane

    Our outer OEKO-Tex Certified Materials allows water to simply roll off, keeping you fresh and dry all day long, whether you’re going for a dip or simply laying poolside. The absorption level is equivalent to 3 tampons

    Period Swimwear can be washed easily in 3 steps:

    1. Rinse the period swimwear and wear it in water until there’s no blood coming out. Use a neutral soap if there are any stains.

    2. Then, throw them in the washing machine on a delicate cycle.

    3. Let them air dry if possible. 

    Do not dry the period swimwear in the dryer or use fabric softeners or bleach. This will decrease its lifespan, affecting its proper functioning.

    Over the course of our fertile lives, we will use between 10,000 and 15,000 disposable products.

    Disposable pantyliners, pads, and tampons are one of the largest sources of plastic pollution in the world. 

    Sustainable alternatives such as period swimwear completely replace these disposable products. Helping to reduce the impact that disposables have on the environment.


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    Are you tired of worrying about leaks during your period while swimming? Period swimwear may be the perfect solution for you! With a range of options available, you can enjoy the water without the stress of leaks or discomfort.

    At Beautikini, we offer a variety of period swimwear options for girls and women of all ages. Our products are made with high-quality, leak-proof materials that keep you feeling confident and comfortable in and out of the water.

    Our period swimwear features a variety of designs, including bikini bottoms, one-piece swimsuits, and tankinis. Many of our products are also available in plus sizes, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect fit. Our swimwear is made with materials like bamboo charcoal and waterproof membranes, providing you with multi-layer protection and reducing the chance of leaks.

    In addition to being leak-proof, our period swimwear is also designed for hygiene and comfort. Many of our products feature antimicrobial properties to prevent odors and irritation, and are made with breathable materials for all-day comfort.

    When it comes to using period swimwear, it's important to note that some products can be used without additional protection like tampons or pads. However, for heavy flows, it's recommended to wear period swimwear with a menstrual cup or tampon for added protection.

    Beautikini is proud to introduce our new line of period swimwear, designed specifically for girls who want to enjoy their time at the beach or pool during their menstrual cycle without worrying about leaks or discomfort. Our menstrual swimwear features high waisted bathing suit bottoms that provide extra coverage and support, while our period bathing suit bottoms are made with a leak-proof layer to absorb up to 3 tampons worth of protection.

    Wondering how does period swimwear work? It's simple - our period swimwear is made with a main fabric of 80% recycled nylon and 20% spandex, with an absorbent layer of 100% polyester and a leak-proof layer of 100% polyester PUL. This combination of fabrics makes our period swimwear both comfortable and odor-free.

    Our period swimwear is perfect for anyone looking for period-friendly swimwear. Whether you're wearing period bikini bottoms or period swim bottoms, our swimwear for periods is designed to keep you feeling confident and comfortable in the water. So go ahead, enjoy your period swim with Beautikini period swimwear!

    At Beautikini, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality period swimwear that meets their needs. Whether you're looking for the best period swimwear for teens, menstrual swimwear for heavy flow, or European menstrual swimwear brands, we've got you covered. So why wait? Shop our selection today and enjoy worry-free swimming during your period!


    They keep you fresh and dry so you don’t feel damp.


    Their built-in leak protection absorbs up to 3 tampons worth of flow.


    Enjoy your favorite activities. Staining clothes or sheets will no longer be a problem.


    We use the highest quality materials. Our technology neutralizes odors and the fabrics are antibacterial.


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